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OpenCV 3 adoption rate

As we all know, OpenCV 3.0 was officially released back in June of 2015. This new update incorporated a ton of new features and optimizations, including Python 3 bindings. But the big question on everyone’s mind is: “Should I switch to OpenCV 3? If so, when should I switch?” Deciding when or even if you should switch […]

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HOG detectMultiScale parameters explained

Last week we discussed how to use OpenCV and Python to perform pedestrian detection. To accomplish this, we leveraged the built-in HOG + Linear SVM detector that OpenCV ships with, allowing us to detect people in images. However, one aspect of the HOG person detector we did not discuss in detail is the detectMultiScale  function; specifically, […]

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Pedestrian Detection OpenCV

I’ve met a lot of amazing, uplifting people over the years. My PhD advisor who helped get me through graduate school. My father who was always there for me as a kid — and still is now. And my girlfriend who has always been positive, helpful, and supportive (even when I probably didn’t deserve it). I’ve also […]

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Watershed OpenCV

The watershed algorithm is a classic algorithm used for segmentation and is especially useful when extracting touching or overlapping objects in images, such as the coins in the figure above. Using traditional image processing methods such as thresholding and contour detection, we would be unable to extract each individual coin from the image — but by leveraging the […]

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Scraping images with Python and Scrapy

Since this is a computer vision and OpenCV blog, you might be wondering: “Hey Adrian, why in the world are you talking about scraping images?” Great question. The reason is because image acquisition is one of the most under-talked about subjects in the computer vision field! Think about it. Whether you’re leveraging machine learning to train an image classifier, building […]

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OpenCV Gamma Correction

Did you know that the human eye perceives color and luminance differently than the sensor on your smartphone or digital camera? You see, when twice the number of photons hit the sensor of a digital camera, it receives twice the signal (a linear relationship). However, that’s not how our human eyes work. Instead, we perceive double the amount […]

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OpenCV Track Object Movement

This past Saturday, I was caught in the grips of childhood nostalgia, so I busted out my PlayStation 1 and my original copy of Final Fantasy VII. As a kid in late middle school/early high school, I logged 70+ hours playing through this heartbreaking, inspirational, absolute masterpiece of an RPG. As a kid in middle […]

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