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Convert URL to image with Python and OpenCV

Today’s blog post comes directly from my own personal repository of utility functions. Over the past month I’ve gotten a handful of PyImageSearch readers emailing in and asking how to download an image from a URL and then convert it to OpenCV format (without writing it to disk and then reading it back) — and […]

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Removing contours from an image using Python and OpenCV

Awhile back I was going through /r/computervision when I stumbled across a question asking how to remove contours from an image using OpenCV. Intrigued, I posted a reply. The basic algorithm for removing contours from an image goes something like this: Step 1: Detect and find contours in your image. Step 2: Loop over contours individually. Step […]

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Thumbs up: Hand gesture recognition.

I need to apologize for this post — if there are some glaringly obvious typos on grammatical errors, I’m sorry. You see, I just pulled an all-nighter. My eyes are bloodshot and glazed over like something out of The Walking Dead. My brain feels like mashed potatoes beaten with a sledge hammer. And I really, really […]

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