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Thumbs up: Hand gesture recognition.

I need to apologize for this post — if there are some glaringly obvious typos on grammatical errors, I’m sorry. You see, I just pulled an all-nighter. My eyes are bloodshot and glazed over like something out of The Walking Dead. My brain feels like mashed potatoes beaten with a sledge hammer. And I really, really […]

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It’s time. The PyImageSearch Gurus Kickstarter is officially LIVE.

The PyImageSaerch Gurus Kickstarter is officially LIVE! You can back the PyImageSearch Gurus Kickstarter campaign using this link: Remember, there are only a handful of early bird spots available at reduced prices & early entry — you’ll definitely want to act now if you want to claim your spot! Thank you so much for being supportive […]

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PyImageSearch Gurus: The big list of computer vision topics you’ll master inside my course.

A couple days ago ago I mentioned that on Wednesday, January 14th I am launching a Kickstarter to fund my new project — PyImageSearch Gurus: A course, community, and development environment dedicated to turning you into a computer vision guru. As promised, here is the complete list of topics to be covered inside the PyImageSearch Gurus course. And if you […]

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Sneak Preview: PyImageSearch Gurus

Wow, the Kickstarter launch date of January 14th is approaching so fast! I still have a ton to do and I’m neck-deep in Kickstarter logistics, but I took a few minutes earlier today and recorded this sneak preview of PyImageSearch Gurus just for you: The video is fairly short at only 1m08s and it’s absolutely worth […]

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