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HOG detectMultiScale parameters explained

Last week we discussed how to use OpenCV and Python to perform pedestrian detection. To accomplish this, we leveraged the built-in HOG + Linear SVM detector that OpenCV ships with, allowing us to detect people in images. However, one aspect of the HOG person detector we did not discuss in detail is the detectMultiScale  function; specifically, […]

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Pedestrian Detection OpenCV

I’ve met a lot of amazing, uplifting people over the years. My PhD advisor who helped get me through graduate school. My father who was always there for me as a kid — and still is now. And my girlfriend who has always been positive, helpful, and supportive (even when I probably didn’t deserve it). I’ve also […]

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OpenCV Track Object Movement

This past Saturday, I was caught in the grips of childhood nostalgia, so I busted out my PlayStation 1 and my original copy of Final Fantasy VII. As a kid in late middle school/early high school, I logged 70+ hours playing through this heartbreaking, inspirational, absolute masterpiece of an RPG. As a kid in middle […]

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Ball Tracking with OpenCV

Today marks the 100th blog post on PyImageSearch. 100 posts. It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. When I started PyImageSearch back in January of 2014, I had no idea what the blog would turn into. I didn’t know how it would evolve and mature. And I most certainly did not know how popular it would […]

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