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Convert URL to image with Python and OpenCV

Today’s blog post comes directly from my own personal repository of utility functions. Over the past month I’ve gotten a handful of PyImageSearch readers emailing in and asking how to download an image from a URL and then convert it to OpenCV format (without writing it to disk and then reading it back) — and […]

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Removing contours from an image using Python and OpenCV

Awhile back I was going through /r/computervision when I stumbled across a question asking how to remove contours from an image using OpenCV. Intrigued, I posted a reply. The basic algorithm for removing contours from an image goes something like this: Step 1: Detect and find contours in your image. Step 2: Loop over contours individually. Step […]

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Adding a web interface to our image search engine with Flask

This is a guest post by Michael Herman from Real Python – learn Python programming and web development through hands-on, interesting examples that are useful and fun! In this tutorial, we’ll take the command line image search engine from the previous tutorial and turn it into a full-blown web application using Python and Flask. More specifically, […]

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The complete guide to building an image search engine with Python and OpenCV

Let’s face it. Trying to search for images based on text and tags sucks. Whether you are tagging and categorizing your personal images, searching for stock photos for your company website, or simply trying to find the right image for your next epic blog post, trying to use text and keywords to describe something that […]

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