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PyImageSearch Gurus member spotlight: Saideep Talari

In today’s blog post, I interview Saideep Talari, a PyImageSearch Gurus graduate who was recently hired as a computer vision engineer at a startup in India. Saideep’s story holds a special place in my heart as it’s so incredibly sincere, genuine, and heartfelt. You see, Saideep comes from a very low income Indian family. They did not have much money. In […]

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PyImageSearch Gurus member spotlight: Tuomo Hiippala

In today’s blog post, I interview PyImageSearch Gurus member, Tuomo Hiippala, who was recently awarded a 28000€ grant (approximately $30,500 USD) to research how computer vision can be used to study visual culture, including social media images and photo archives. We’ll discuss his very unique area of research, which blends linguistics with computer vision, and how his work is […]

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Thumbs up: Hand gesture recognition.

I need to apologize for this post — if there are some glaringly obvious typos on grammatical errors, I’m sorry. You see, I just pulled an all-nighter. My eyes are bloodshot and glazed over like something out of The Walking Dead. My brain feels like mashed potatoes beaten with a sledge hammer. And I really, really […]

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It’s time. The PyImageSearch Gurus Kickstarter is officially LIVE.

The PyImageSaerch Gurus Kickstarter is officially LIVE! You can back the PyImageSearch Gurus Kickstarter campaign using this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1186001332/pyimagesearch-gurus-become-a-computer-vision-openc Remember, there are only a handful of early bird spots available at reduced prices & early entry — you’ll definitely want to act now if you want to claim your spot! Thank you so much for being supportive […]

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